We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6:00pm. When we are closed, please call NHS24 on 111.

There are many alternative services available which may be easier than seeing your GP.

Phlebotomy Appointment (Blood Tests)

If you need to make an appointment for just a blood test please contact the phlebotomy hub on 0141 355 1525.

Hospital Appointments

If you have been referred for an outpatient’s appointment and wish to check appointment details/verify waiting times, please call central booking on 0141 347 8850.

Your Local Pharmacy

Your pharmacy can often deal with simple conditions like coughs, colds, sore throats and stomach upsets. They can also offer a range of medications which are often free of charge.

Please consider attending the Chemist before contacting the medical practice.

Your Local Dentist

Dentists are set up to deal with dental emergencies like broken teeth and dental infections.

If you have a dental issue we would ask that you contact them first.

Your Local Optician

Opticians and Optometrists are very specialised and have a range of different equipment like retinal cameras.

If you have an eye problem you should seek the optometrists advice first and they will always see you in an emergency.


Our care advisers answer calls to the surgery.

They have been trained to direct you to the right person to help you. For example they might book you with a Physiotherapist or one of our mental health specialists.

They will ask you in confidence briefly to describe your problem so that they can do their best to help you.

Phoning the Practice

Our appointments are initially telephone based. One of our clinicians will call you and take your story.

If necessary they will ask you to attend the surgery to be examined or for blood tests.

You will be given a time frame (Am or PM) for when we will call you.

We offer a mix of pre bookable and routine appointments, so if you wish to have an appointment please call at 8:30am and an appointment can be arranged.

We try hard to offer great access for our patients. If you call later in the morning or in the afternoon it may not be possible to arrange and appointment that day.

However, if it is an emergency we will make sure to see you on the day you call.

House Calls

Our Advance Practitioners Paramedics do all our visiting.

Translation Support

Please complete a pre-appointment form for language translation if asked by a member of our team.